When To Pick Oranges

Bright, round, and full of vitamin C, oranges are a sweet, healthy snack. They are easily taken as a snack everywhere you go. If you have an orange tree or are close to an orchard that lets you pick them for yourself, you can pick this fruit for yourself. Here are a few tips how to do that.

Falling For You

Most commercial operations have their orchards harvested by a h2a guest worker program using a machine to shake the oranges off the tree into a basket. However, for you and your orange tree, the best sign that the fruit is ready to pick is when oranges start dropping to the ground. You will need to taste one or two to find out if it is to your liking. If it is sweet enough for you, go ahead and start taking them off the tree. Be certain to pick the orange colored fruit since the green is too early to be ripe.

Harvesting Your Oranges

When you are ready to pick your oranges, you need to grip the fruit and twist gently until it breaks off from the stem. You can also use a pair of scissors to snip it off the branch. This is necessary if the skin rips when you grip it and twist the orange to pluck it.

Way Up High

If you want the oranges on the tops of a mature tree, you will need a ladder to reach them. If your balance is great, you can pick them from there. If you are uneasy with climbing a ladder, you can also shake the tree and let the fruit drop on its own. Oranges that land on the ground a perfect to eat. Just be certain to sort the good ones from ones that might be discolored or disfigured.