Trending in analytical chemistry – Latest applications of solid phase extraction

Environmental monitoring

Affinisep AttractSPE disks for environmental testing

Scientist-driven testing solutions

SelectScience editors speak to Jim Fenster, Business Development Director for AFFINISEP USA, about the applications and advantages of the AttractSPE™ Disks for environmental analysis, including the innovative ways scientists are adapting this product to suit their laboratory needs.

Rapid analysis of large-volume samples

AFFINISEP outlines a full SPE disk protocol, from installation to sample elution, covering the benefits of the AttractSPE™ Disks, including the fast treatment, clean-up, and analysis of large volume samples.

Cannabis testing

LipiFiltr® by UCT, Inc.

Analyzing mycotoxins in CBD oil

There is a growing need for the detection of mycotoxins in both raw plant materials and finished cannabis products to ensure consumer health and safety. In this video, Restek presents a simple pass-through SPE sample clean-up method applied to lipid-rich CBD oils.

Testing for pesticides in oil-based cannabis products

LipiFiltr® clean-up cartridge by UCT Inc. promise targeted lipid removal for pesticide residue analysis in complex fatty samples such as oil-based cannabis products. In this application note, UCT Inc. outlines the performance benefits of LipiFiltr, including cleaner extracts, ease of use, and time and cost savings.

Therapeutics, water analysis, food testing and more…

SPE has proven to be a powerful tool for sample clean-up and preparation and can be applied to a variety of sample and analysis types. Find out more about the other uses for SPE, from biopharmaceuticals to food and beverage analysis, in these application notes:

  • Differential recovery of gabapentin and pregabalin>>
  • Flavor profiling of milk>>
  • Analysis of BTEX in water>>
  • PFASs in drinking water>>
  • Improvement of overall Stevia purification>>
  • Determination of steviol glycosides>>
  • Analysis of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in water>>

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