How is Travel Different for A Rummy Player?

Travel is fun for most of us. We all set out to travel at some point in life or other. Yet, the way we perceive travel can be different for each individual. Some people head out to explore the world while some others head out simply to explore their own true potential. A good rummy player has a very unique perception and approach towards journeys. Here is how travel would be unique to each good rummy player on this globe.

They Always Have A Rummy Tale to Share with Co-Travellers

Players of Indian rummy often come across some intriguing tale that remains fresh in their mind. This story is a great way to share experience with new friends. When a good rummy player is put travelling, he will surely share this unique tale with his new friend on the journey. The story may seem quite personal and may help to build a fresh friendship from scratch.

Rummy is Their Way of Befriending Strangers During Travel

There is something in rummy games that helps to build relations from the very start. Imagine that you met a stranger on the same bus as you boarded headed to a different location. You may still be wondering how to start a conversation with this stranger and he may just offer to play a game of rummy with you. As you start playing, you also get many chances to chat with this stranger. While playing the game, you also learn more about the stranger till he is not a stranger anymore. This is a magic spell only rummy can cast on its players.

Rummy Teaches Them to Be Intuitive

We already know that most players of rummy card games also develop certain intuitive skills over a period of time. These skills help them gauge what the opponent plans to play next. It also helps to read the opponents’ minds based on their expressions. These intuitive skills help not just during the game but also in real life. They end up being street smart and suited for the present life.

Rummy Teaches Them to Plan the Travel Well

If you wish to be a good player at rummy, you need to be good at planning. This is an inevitable skill required for all rummy players. Thus, if you have a good rummy playing comrade travelling with you, be sure he will also plan out all the arrangements effectively. Rummy players are not just experts at playing cards, they are also good at planning, managing and organising travel and stay. You can keep them in-charge of the whole trip and be sure the trip will end successfully.

Rummy Lovers Are Always Finding New Players for The Game

One of the main mottos of rummy players while on an excursion is to find more company for their rummy sessions. During their trips, they check out individuals travelling with them and see if they are good at the game. If they end up finding a few good rummy players around, be sure they will invite you to all future rummy tournaments and events.

If you have ever come across a rummy player in your train or bus while travelling, why not try and invite him to your favourite Khelplay Rummy app for a few sessions of rummy. They will appreciate this invitation and join you for free gaming sessions. Here are some of the merits you both enjoy this way:

  • Loyalty points
  • Interesting online rummy tournaments to play in
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So, what are you waiting for? Make your travel even more special as you invite your travel friends for online gaming sessions while on different voyages.