Great Cleaning Tips for Your First Apartment

Renting an apartment for the first time is intimidating. Once over the initial hurdle of finding the right place to live, a whole new batch of challenges tends to pop up. Questions on design, storage space, and cleanliness can be overwhelming, so check out the tips below on some great home cleaning tips before moving into your new place. These are most useful if you are branching out on your own for the first time — something as simple as finding a Busch oil filter for your vacuum can be daunting, so take a look at these suggestions to help make the transition a bit smoother.

Invest In a Vacuum

A vacuum will be a massive time-saver in your first apartment. With so many great options on the market at the moment, it is more possible than ever to find the option that will best fit your needs. Some vacuums are designed to handle carpet while other dynamic machines are best for uniquely designed spaces and hardwood floors, so take some time to consider what will be most helpful in keeping your apartment at its best.

Shake the Dust Off

Your vacuum will be critical to keeping your apartment floors tidy, but don’t forget the other surfaces in your home. Make dusting part of your cleaning routine to prevent buildup on your furniture and clothing. If your apartment has hardwood floors, it’s also worth it to wipe down or mop them every now and again, since your vacuum will pick up crumbs and debris but sometimes miss the finer things.

Do Those Dishes

While most people don’t enjoy cleaning cookware (especially if your apartment does not have a dishwasher), there are some great products these days that help make the process as painless as possible. Dish clothes, a dependable scrub brush, and disposable scrubbing pads can make all the difference in the world. (While easier said than done, doing the dishes as soon as possible prevents bacteria from growing on your dishware.)