3 Certificates to Help Your Job Hunt

The job hunt is an uncomfortable place to be. There are resume courses, cover letter builders, and skill classes out there for any hopeful applicant, but it is not that easy to break into a new career. For some, the hunt may take longer than necessary. With a few certifications, you may find ease in the job market as you will have outstanding achievement.

1. Alcohol Serving

Each state has its own rules on serving alcohol, but for the most part, the license is a good way to break into serving at a variety of different places.  The TABC permit is one choice, but they all should have similar information. This can give you boost with jobs that serve alcohol to customers either in restaurants, bars, or lounges. These careers typically focus on quick cash as many places allow you to keep tips you earned during the day.

2. Foreign Language

You may choose to take classes to become bilingual. There are more benefits than just knowing how to say “where is the bathroom.” You also pick up another person’s culture and perspective through learning the language. Some options you may choose are French, Mandarin, or Spanish. Take a look into what career you are hoping for and which language may fit best.

3. Web Design

Do you have a creative side? Take courses and certify in web design. In our digital world, this type of knowledge and skill can lead you down many pathways. Every business that wants to survive is not only on the web but can be extended to mobile as well. Picking up a certificate in this field can solidify job prospects across the board.

No matter which career you choose, gathering knowledge and earning certifications and licenses can get you closer to your goal.